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Top 20 College Prep Courses to Ensure Your Success

Hey there, future scholars!

It’s Diane Lockmann here, your go-to guide for all things college prep at

Are you feeling the pressure of college applications, standardized tests, and that looming AP exam?

Don’t stress!, having taught for over 20 years, I’ve got your back with the ultimate list of the top 20 college prep courses that will ensure your success.

Let’s dive into the world of academic excellence and get you ready to conquer every challenge on your path to college! 🚀

1. AP Calculus AB/BC – Prep Expert

Struggling with calculus?

Prep Expert’s AP Calculus AB and BC courses offer rigorous training to help you master those tricky concepts, ace your AP exams, and even earn college credits.

If you’re aiming for a STEM major, this course is a must-have.

Plus, they often have amazing discounts—don’t miss out!

2. AP English Literature and Composition – Prep Expert

Love diving into literature?

Prep Expert’s AP English Literature and Composition course will take your analytical skills to the next level.

Perfect for earning those coveted college credits and showing off your literary prowess.

And guess what? They frequently offer special deals!

3. AP US History – Prep Expert

History buffs, this one’s for you!

Prep Expert’s AP US History course covers all the significant events and critical thinking skills you need.

Prepare for the AP exam and impress your future professors.

Sign up during their promotional periods to save big!

top 20 college prep courses

4. SAT/ACT Test Prep Courses – Prep Expert, PrepScholar

SAT or ACT giving you nightmares?

Both Prep Expert and PrepScholar have comprehensive prep courses to boost your scores.

With practice tests, personalized study plans, and expert strategies, you’ll walk into test day with confidence.

Keep an eye out for their seasonal discounts!

5. College Admissions Consulting – Prep Expert

Feeling lost with college applications?

Prep Expert’s College Admissions Consulting offers personalized guidance on everything from essays to interviews.

Their expert consultants help you shine and improve your chances of getting into your dream school.

Watch for their special consulting packages to save on this invaluable service!

6. Udemy Online Courses – Udemy

Need extra help in a specific subject?

Udemy has a vast array of affordable online courses across all subjects.

From math to science to humanities, Udemy can supplement your high school education and boost your college readiness.

Take advantage of their frequent sales for even better deals!

7. Coursera Online Degrees and Specializations – Coursera

Looking for in-depth knowledge?

Coursera partners with top universities to offer online degrees and specializations.

Earn credentials in subjects like computer science, business, and healthcare.

Enroll during their promotional periods for significant savings!

8. LinkedIn Learning – LinkedIn Learning

Want to develop essential skills for college and your future career?

LinkedIn Learning offers courses in leadership, technology, and creative skills.

Becoming a well-rounded student has never been easier.

Watch out for their special offers to maximize your learning!

9. 360training – 360training

Need specialized skills and certifications?

360training offers certification and compliance training across various industries.

Enhance your college applications and career prospects with these courses.

They often have discounts on certification courses—don’t miss out!

10. Times Tales – Times Tales

Got younger siblings struggling with multiplication?

Times Tales uses visual stories to make learning fun and effective.

Build a strong math foundation early on.

Grab this program during their sales for extra savings!

11. Outschool – Outschool

college prep success

Looking for interactive learning experiences?

Outschool offers live, online classes for K-12 students on a wide range of topics.

Small class sizes and engaging lessons can boost your academic performance.

Check out their promotional periods for great deals on classes!

12. The Princeton Review – The Princeton Review

Need comprehensive test prep?

The Princeton Review has you covered for SAT, ACT, AP exams, and more.

With practice tests, expert instruction, and study materials, you’re set for top scores.

Look for their seasonal discounts to save on these invaluable courses!

13. Lending Tree – Lending Tree

Worried about financing college?

Lending Tree provides resources and tools for managing student loans and college expenses.

Understanding your financial options is crucial for a stress-free college experience.

Explore their financial planning tools, often available with promotional offers!

14. Kaplan Test Prep – Kaplan

Looking to ace your standardized tests?

Kaplan offers extensive prep courses for SAT, ACT, GRE, and more.

Their personalized approach and proven strategies will help you achieve your best scores.

Keep an eye out for their special deals and packages!

15. Chegg – Chegg

Need study resources and homework help?

Chegg has you covered with textbook rentals, online tutoring, and more.

Access practice tests and study guides to excel in high school and beyond.

Sign up during their promotional periods for additional savings!

16. Varsity Tutors – Varsity Tutors

Looking for personalized tutoring?

Varsity Tutors offers one-on-one support in various subjects, test prep, and admissions consulting.

Achieve academic success and navigate the college admissions process with ease.

Check out their special offers for discounted tutoring sessions!

17. Niche – Niche

Researching colleges?

Niche provides comprehensive rankings, reviews, and statistics to help you make informed decisions.

Find scholarships and compare schools with ease.

Visit their website during promotional periods for exclusive content and offers!

18. Edx – Edx

Interested in courses from top universities?

Edx offers online courses from MIT, Harvard, and more.

Earn certificates and enhance your college applications with these prestigious courses.

Look for their seasonal discounts to save on course fees!

19. Skillshare – Skillshare

Want to explore creative fields?

Skillshare offers online classes in design, writing, photography, and more.

Develop new skills, explore your interests, and build a standout portfolio.

Sign up during their promotional periods for great savings!

20. Hooked on Phonics – Hooked on Phonics

Helping younger students learn to read?

Hooked on Phonics is a proven program for teaching reading skills.

Building a strong foundation in reading is crucial for academic success.

Take advantage of their frequent sales to get this valuable resource at a discount!


These top 20 college prep courses and services provide comprehensive support to help you excel academically and prepare for college admissions.

By leveraging these resources, you can develop the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to succeed in your educational journey and beyond.

Happy learning, and good luck on your path to college success! 🚀

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